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''Thank you guys so much for taking care of my cancellation !! I highly recommend WIZARD !! Thank again''

Keith - Doyline, LA - January 21st 2015

''THANK YOU Cancel Wizard! To make a long (and frustrating) story short, I was at my wits end in trying to cancel my membership with the NYSC (My Sports Club). On the recommendation of a friend, and in desperation, I contacted Cancel Wizard. Following an easy on-line application process (took 5 minutes) and great customer service, four days later my membership with NYSC was cancelled incurring no cancellation fee! How great is that? Wizards indeed!''

Laurie - New York, NY - January 15th 2015

''"After going back and forth with LA Fitness in attempts to cancel my account I was completely fed up, I had never used a service like before but I can't say anything but great things about my experience. I just had to give a small amount of information and it was taken care of for the same amount of money I would have paid for another month of the service I was stuck in. I would so recommend to anyone fed up with dealing with companies intent on making canceling accounts a tiring and difficult process." Thanks! Madeleine''

Madeleine - Seattle, WA - January 9th 2015

''Thank you for such good service. I appreciate your prompt response and handling of the cancellation to the subscriptions. Unfortunately subscribing is ever so easy but canceling become a major hurdle to jump and cancellations are deliberately made difficult to cancel. Again thank you for saving me the hassle and frustration. Sonia''

Sonia - North Bergen, NJ - January 9th 2015

''Thank you so much for quick response. I will definitely recommend your service.''

Victoria - Oceanside, NY - January 7th, 2015

''Thank you for the prompt and professional response to my request. I must admit that I did not expect to have the matter resolved so soon and, dare I say, effortlessly. If the need ever arises again I hope that CancelWizard will be involved. Kindest regards and best wishes for 2015 Roy''

Roy - Tyger Valley Cape Town South Africa - January 6th 2015

''Cancel wizard is incredible! They took care of canceling my gym membership with no hassle at all!''

Brandon - Bedford, TX - January 6th, 2015

''Thank you Cancel Wizard, this is the second time I have used you when I have had problems, you have resolved them successfully. Once again Thank You, I highly recommend you. Albert ''

Albert - St James City, FL - January 5th 2015

''I really didn’t believe that CancelWizard would work, but I had no success canceling on my own. I figured it was worth a shot. I was surprised and very pleased at how easy they made it. CancelWizard got the job done as quickly as possible! I would recommend them to anyone.''

Lisa - Fairfield, CT - December 31st 2014

''Thank You CancelWizard, I would like to thank you for taking care of an unending nightmare which became extremely convoluted and unmanagerible. It seemed to get more tangled with everyday. Thank you for resolving these issues for me. It was well worth it! thanks again, Vinny G., NY. ''

Vincent - Brewster, NY - December 28th 2014

''Thank you for prompted and courteous response to my request. You were most helpful and prompt. Much appreciated. ''

Doug - Clarence - December 28th 2014

''Cancelwizard did a great, professional job cancelling my Equinox membership. I had been trying to cancel my membership for 6 months... They did the initial letter, then did follow up on additional charges in time for my membership to not renew for an additional year. If I had just used them in the first place, I could have saved myself over $900. I will definitely use Cancelwizard the next time I need to cancel something aggravating. - Amanda Orange County, CA.''

Amanda - Newport Beach, CA - December 22nd 2014

''CancelWizard Rocks! I appreciate the rapid work of canceling out this headache of process through Anytime Fitness! The people that work for Anytime Fitness and ABC Financial SUCK! CancelWizard stepped up to the plate and cancelled my membership out in about two weeks without any further work done on my part. Very Easy and stress free! Definitely have my business again in the future!''

Tomas - Murrieta , CA - December 23rd 2014

''Thank you so much for your help And so fast. Much appreciated. ''

Martha - Superior , CO - December 19th 2014

''Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure working with you.''

Virginia - Sussex. WI - December 18th 2014

''Extremely happy with your service. Thank you!''

Donna - Madison, PA - December 18th 2014

''Thank you for a quick response. This was very easy and convenient. I would recommend the service to others.''

Victoria - Oceanside, NY - December 16th, 2014

''I found Cancel Wizard to be very helpful and responded to my inquiries in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone. Thanks again ''

Valerie - Des Moines, IA - December 17th 2014

''cancel/Wizard did a really good and fast job. Judy ''

Judy - Flint, MI - December 3rd 2014

''Thank you for canceling my world gym membership ship. You took all the hassle to cancel it myself away. Thank you and cancel wizard again. If I need anything canceled I'm coming to you guys. Chris ''

Chris - Springfield, VA - December 2nd 2014

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