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''Thank you Thank you Thank you. You were able to do in three weeks what I wasn't able to do in six months. You made it so easy I wish I would've heard about you guys sooner. Will never join Golds Gym again but will definitely use this website if needed again. ''

Eric - Richmond, VA - October 22nd 2014

''I want to thank Cacelwizard for their help in cancelling my AOL account. it was becoming a pain in the butt to get this done. with Cancelwizard, it was made VERY simple.''

David - Smyrna, TN - October 21st 2014

''Thanks for the help! Without you guys this would have taken weeks to do! Mike ''

Michael - Wichita, KS - October 22nd 2014

''Thank you cancel wizard for taking care of my membership. You are a great service to have.''

Rick - Grapevine, TX - October 21, 2014

''Just want to thank Cancel/Wizard for a speedy and professional response to my request to cancel the Amazon Prime ''

Mary - Monroe Township, NJ - October 20th 2014

''It was easy and convienaint You very helpful and card canceled in a timely manner and saved me from having to deal with it myself when i did not have time to do it or the patients. thank-you for being very helpful''

Ruth - Minerva, NY - October 21st 2014

''Greetings to you, It isn't often that you find such a reliable, safe and customer oriented company such as I have to say, I am truly amazed and appreciative of your efforts. If anyone comes to me with a similar issue which I had with a vendor, you will honestly be my first choice in referral. Thank you so much for your time and effort. You were great. Excellent price as well! GO!!! All the Best, Mike H. Cape Coral, Florida''

Mike - Cape Coral, Florida - October 21st 2014

''thanks for helping me whit this scoresense inc !''

George - Shoreline, WA - October 19th 2014

''I want to thank all of the people and Shannon for all your help in cancelling my membership. Thank you for your expeditious and hassle free manner. You were a great help to me. F. Massey ''

F. Massey - Spring Hill, FL - October 14th 2014

''Thank you. Even though you couldn't cancel my membership Cancel Wizard was very professional and helpful and I don't regret using your service. ABC Financial, the company that Anytime Fitness uses, is an absolute nightmare to deal with and I appreciate the help that your company provided me with trying to break ties with them. I will just ride out my membership although it's unfortunate I can't use their equipment for a quite a while with a fractured wrist. Thanks, Daryl ''

Daryl - Waxahachie, TX - October 11th 2014

''Thank you very much . I am very happy with your service. Mark''

Mark - Sutherland, N.S.W , Australia - October 9th 2014

''Thank you so much! I am really really really really happy! I'm thrilled! Best 30 something dollars I ever spent!''

Damien - Plano, TX - October 9th 2014

''I am very grateful to for cancelling my membership to I had forgotten my password or acct # and wizard just asked for a few questions to help them get the job done since Classmates wouldn't respond to my email. The service was wonderful and very prompt. Thank you so much for taking care of the headache problem. I would highly recommend your service to anyone. Thank you, Sharon ''

Sharon - Crystal, MN - October 10th 2014

''Just want to thank you for the way you handled my cancellation. It was done with a lot of professionalism and consideration. Thank you for the refund. Sincerely, Mary ''

Mary - Chardon, OH - October 9th 2014

''Thank you so very much for the help in cancelling 2 subscriptions. You were very courteous and quick with my request!!! Again Thank You very much with Shannon's help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

Nellie - Marshall, MO - October 8th 2014

''Hi, thank you so much for canceling leisure plus and savings2go for us. We could never call them and we felt frustrated about it and you did the trick. Thank you so much''

Joanne - Presidio, TX - October 10th 2014

''When it comes to handling tough situations like the one I was in Cancel Wizard and their support team did it with much professionalism. They were operating as a third party-a negotiator-if you will and I thought kiss this situation goodbye there are too many parties to throw the blame upon. I got the results I wanted, in total and pretty quickly. Much appreciated.''

Robert - Sarasota, FL - October 8th 2014

''The Cancel Wizard service worked excellently well. It takes a little time but have faith in the process and provide the team at Cancel Wizard the time to work to work their magic.''

Matthew - Bayside, NY - October 6th 2014

''Thank you, this is so fantastic and I will spread the word. Hulu is really hard to cancel and they are terrible. . I want nothing to do with Hulu ever again Thank you''

Dorothy - Sea Girt, NJ - October 2nd 2014

''We appreciate the fact that our old AOL account has been cancelled. It has been a long and difficult process. Ray ''

Ray - Golden Valley, MN - October 2nd 2014

''Hello Cancel Wizard, Thank you so much for canceling my gym membership so promptly! I wish I had googled how to cancel a gym membership earlier than I did, because It would have saved me more payments and grief in canceling my membership earlier with your prompt assistance. I highly recommend your service to anyone who needs help canceling a club membership. Thank you again, JBS ''

Jill - Rochester Hills, MI - October 2nd 2014

''I'm very pleased with your service. Thank you so much. COH''

Colleen - Mission, TX - September 28th 2014

''thank you so much for your help with peaklife problem.i called there customer service 3 times and they always said they would take care of my cancel order but the next month product came.your service did what i could not.thank you so much''

Kenneth - Lincolnton, NC - September 21st 2014


Sarah - Kingsport, TN - September 16th 2014

''Thank you so much! I had no idea his would actually work and I am so amazed and happy. Retro fitness is a nightmare, and cancelwizard helped me tremendously!! I'll always come back to you when need be!! Noa''

Noa - San Francisco, CA - September 15th 2014

''YEA!!!!! Cancel Wizard works! I had tried everything with Planet Fitness including phone, e mail, certified mail, etc But YOU did it Thank you Thomas''

Thomas - Housatonic, MA - September 11th 2014


Patricia - Tullahoma, TN - September 4th 2014

''Thank you Shannon for all the trouble you went thru to get my membership to cancelled and refunded. You went over and above the call of duty on my behalf! I will recommend CancelWizard to anyone and everyone! Thanks again - Nancy ''

Nancy - Ogden, UT - September 4th 2014

''thanks for cancelling my account with peak life. great job!''

Richard - Ravenna, MI - August 22nd 2014

''I have been meaning to cancel my gym membership for months now and a) can’t find my original contract, and b) just haven’t gotten off my butt to do anything about it. I found CancelWizard while researching how to cancel this membership and figured $35 for the service was definitely better than the $300 debited from my bank account for a membership I wanted to cancel. CancelWizard made the process really easy, and other than scanning 1 document and emailing it back to prove my new address, I didn’t have to do anything except give them as much information as I had and they did everything else. I would recommend the service to everyone in a similar situation. I wish I had found this company a long time ago because I certainly have better uses for the money I’ve been spending on something I don’t use anymore. Patrick ''

Patrick - Palatine, IL - August 20th 2014

''If you need something canceled my advise is to go to cancel wizard. They work with you to they get it canceled. I tried and tried to cancel imesh nothing work then I found cancel wizard. I would highly recommend them.''

Wonda - Duffield, VA - August 19th 2014

''this is to let you know that I am very satisfied with your help with amazon cancellation, Thank You.''

Roy - Portland, OR - August 14th 2014

''Hey CancelWizard, thanks! I was dreading dealing with my gym to cancel my contract and you handled it all with absolutely no effort on my part. I'm extremely appreciative. Really, thank you. Joseph - Dayton, OH''

Joseph - Dayton, OH - August 14th 2014

''Thank You very much and I’m very happy with the response for this issue. It was nice working with you. THANK YOU AGAIN James ''

James - Manteca, CA - August 14th 2014

''Thank you Cancel Wizard. You would not believe how long I've been trying to cancel AARP by myself. Every time I tried they would tell me there was something else I had to do first. From now on I will just come to you first. You have already cancelled two things for me and now this. Thank you again, Patricia ''

Patricia - Lakewood, WA - August 13th 2014

''I highly recommend Cancel Wizard to anyone who doesn't want to deal with the headache of trying to cancel memberships. I've spent hours of frustration trying to cancel gym memberships in the past. I didn't have time to go to their facility and I didn't want to try to be talked out of it by a pushy salesman. Cancel Wizard made it so much easier. All I had to do was pay a small fee and answer some brief questions about the specifics of my membership in an email to Cancel Wizard. It took minutes of my time. Cancel Wizard ended my membership without absolutely any headache or hassle to me. I don't plan on joining pushy discount gyms again but if I have any other similar memberships in the future that I want to end I wouldn't think twice about using Cancel Wizard again.''

Amy - Wauwatosa, WI - August 7th 2014

''I would like to express my appreciation for handling the cancelation so saved me time and hassel I didn't need at this time. ''

Melissa - West Des Moines, IA - August 5th 2014

''Thank you so much for your help.Much appreciated.''

Patricia - Lindenhurst, NY - July 31st 2014

''Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! that was quick and easy Laurence''

Laurence - New York, NY - July 24th 2014

''Thank you so much for canceling my subscription.. the only way that I could have done it was to sit on hold for half an hour and while working all the time that is nearly impossible for me to do.. you're price was basically the same amount that they would have gotten on a monthly basis so it was well worth it instead of having to go through all the hassle''

Martin - Paducah, KY - July 24th 2014

''I'm a very satisfied customer, thank you for dealing with the annoying cancellation process of My Gold's Gym membership, you saved me precious time! I'll definitely recommend Cancel Wizard, thanks again!''

Silvia - Alexandria, VA - July 22nd 2014

''Your company has did me a great service. I have been trying for years to cancel this account through AOL with no success. You made it fast and simple. Thank you.''

Gary - Round Lake Beach, IL - July 15th 2014

''I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. As a full time, disorganized working mother with three kids, I have very little time or patience to deal with cancelling memberships which are structured not to be cancelled. Cancelwizard was an amazing, efficient resource. Thank you again!''

Maura - Bethesda, MD - July 14th 2014

''Thank you for taking care of this for me. I saw so many negative comments posted that I didn’t attempt to cancel myself I just came directly to your service. I am very pleased with the results. Oftentimes, in the past I have opted for a “paid” service to resolve this type of issue and it resulted in a negative return. So, thank you for being professional and carrying through on your service. Beryl ''

Beryl - Snohomish, WA - July 9th 2014

''Really good to serve customer. Very earnest company. Many thank You''

Vera - Cardiff, UK - July 8th 2014

''Thanks, Cancel Wizard for handling my cancelation of Ancestry Archives. com in a quick and timely manner. I was unable to cancel the service myself because I had forgotten my ID and password; therefore, they would not allow me onto the site to cancel. But... you interceded all of that and got it done for me. Thanks a bunch, Rebecca''

Rebecca - Hammonton, NJ - July 8th 2014

''I foolishly gave my credit card information to a company not realizing that I was agreeing to multiple billing. I immediately contacted cancel wizard. They were successful in canceling the remainder of the unauthorized contract. Good work!''

John W. - Wichita, KS - July 7th 2014

''Cancel wizard was great! If you're like me and don't feel like dealing with annoying cancelation processes, then cancel wizard is the way to go. Provide them with the details of your membership and they'll take care of EVERYTHING for you. Definitely worth the price. Whole process took about a week...quick and painless. ''

Sergeh - Montrose, CA - June 27th 2014

''Thank you for the fast and efficient service. I had tried and tried to cancel the classmates service and never successful. YOU WERE!!! Thank you again.''

Geraldine - Billings, MT - June 27th 2014

''I would recommend to cancel any computer program that you have difficulty to cancel.''

Albert - Houston, TX - June 23rd 2014

''Thanks! I am very happy with this service. I consider myself very savvy when it comes to cancelling things, and this had me so frustrated! I'd be happy to give it publicity. ''

Jeanne - Falls Church, VA - June 21st 2014

''hank you cancel wizard a for the work you have done on my behalf. First class.''

Albert - St James City, FL - June 20th 2014

''Wizard did a wonderful job on a cancelation of a service and a refund of my money. I could not be more pleased. Thanks. Ross ''

Ross - Midland, MI - June 21st 2014

''Happy customer Thank you, thank you. I am more than happy with your service. Bob S. ''

Bob - Brant Lake, NY - June 16th 2014

''My allowing cancel wizard to help me with my canceling of my Anytime Fitness membership was well worth it and a great decision. I was afraid I would have to be paying for this another year and would not be going there and basically throwing money away. The process was easy and well worth the fee to eliminate the hassle with dealing with the situation personally. John ''

John - La Porte, IN - June 13th 2014

''Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting this account cancelled. I realize it isn’t the type of account that you normally deal with but you came through as a true professional. I will make up your convenience fee within the first month then will save $20 to $30 per month thereafter. Once again, thank you very much and I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who has a trouble account to cancel. Bob L''

Bob - Rumford, RI - June 10th 2014

''CancelWizard is AWESOME. I am so pleased with the service. I had 2 gym memberships to cancel with Retro Fitness and CancelWizard handled both quickly and professionally. They took the nightmare of dealing with Retro Fitness off my plate and I can't thank them enough. Real 5 star job. Thanks CancelWizard. You guys are really great!!! Elio ''

Elio - Bloomfield, NJ - June 9th 2014

''Yes! Thank you so much!! You guys rock!! Less stress for me :)! Shawn''

Shawn - Noblesville, IN - June 3rd 2014

''Thank you so much CancelWizard for the job done ! Was skeptical in the beginning for this online service but we are ..the account is canceled ! Thanks once again , Gabriel''

Gabriel - Middle Village, NY - May 29th 2014

''Thanks so much! CancelWizard worked even better than I thought it would, very highly recommended! ''

Adam - Lancaster, WI - May 25th 2014

''After the holidays, I, along with millions of other people, joined a gym. After a couple of months, I found myself not going and the payment was being taken from my bank account month after month. I wanted out of the contract, so I googled "how to get out of gym contracts". Cancel Wizard came up. For a small fee and some of my information, Cancel Wizard took care of canceling the contract and I didn't have to do anything else. I recommend Cancel Wizard--hopefully, I won't need them anymore, but if I do, I would use them again. KD''

Kay - Hanahan, SC - May 25th, 2014

''I am very happy with this service that you provide . It’s always a nightmare trying to cancel any membership and no one wants to deal with it . Your company makes it very easy and I was impressed at how quick you were able to get it canceled . Thank you very much . ''

David - Whitesboro, TX - May 21st 2014

''CancelWizard was an excellent service to use. I had a gym membership, and the gym wanted me to physically visit the facility in order to cancel my membership. I knew I would be in for a sales pitch from the staff, and I just didn't want to deal with it. If I had used canceled wizard in the first place I would have saved hundreds of dollars over the months that I had not been visiting the gym. Great service, and super simple to use!''

David - Denver, CO - May 14 2014

''They do quick and effeciant work, highly recommended !! ''

Elizabeth - San Bruno, CA - May 1st 2014

''Thank you very much for help me cancel my LA fitness training account, with your help La fitness return my second month training fee and some of my first month training fee which is total 565$. Thank you very much. I am a international student and English is not my first langue. Without your help, I probably won't get my money back. I send your web to some international students who have same horrible GYM experiences. I hope you could help them too.''

Yongbo - Pomona, CA - April 26th 2014


Edward - Milwaukee, WI - April 26th 2014

''The service was as advertised, no gimmicks or gotchas. I tried to do it myself and became quite frustrated. Well worth the cost.''

John - Middletown, RI - April 9th 2014

''Thank you very much. I am very happy with the service and I would recommend it to anyone. I would definitely use your service again without thinking twice if I needed too. ''

Missael - Sleepy Hollow, NY - April 8th 2014

''Thank you so much!!!! You make it so easy!!! I will highly recommend you to all my friends!! Thank you again??''

Diane - Spring Grove, PA - April 8th 2014

''Cancel wizard is truly the most helpful program when canceling a membership. I can't thank you enough''

Tyler - Inez, Kentucky - April 1st 2014

''I was leery of paying 35 dollars to cancel myself and my wifes contracts, but it was so easy and I did not have to deal with the hazzle thank you''

James - Hamden, CT - March 21st 2014

''"I was skeptical at first, but wow did CancelWizard pull through. The process is very straightforward and easy. Only bits of sensitive information are used in order to facilitate the cancelation process. I could not imagine having done this on my own. Fitness Clubs are ruthless, but CancelWizard is on the consumer's side. Solid company, wonderful staff!" Hope it helps! And I'll certainly spread the word! Kind regards, Andre ''

Andre - New Rochelle, NY - March 18th 2014

''CancelWizard provided fast, courteous service and saved me hours of waiting "on hold: for a company rep. I will use them again... Well worth the fee in time saved and rep-dealing frustration.''

P. Recotta - Rochester, NY - March 4th 2014

''CancelWizard is an unbelievable service! I am a busy guy and don't always have the time to cancel services over the phone. CancelWizard took all of the stress and time out of canceling 2 services for me. I didn't have to do anything. They contacted me when it was all done and I got confirmation from both companies informing me that my services were canceled. This is a great service for busy people who don't have the time and who get easily stressed out talking to those client retention phone specialists. Thanks for a great product CancelWizard!! Jeff ''

Jeff - Scottsdale, AZ - March 4th 2014

''Omg thank you so much! I would certainly give a testimonies it is worth it Thank you again Tammy ''

Tammy - Houma, LA - February 25th 2014

''Cancel Wizard is the only vehicle I had for cancelling my LinkedIn account, and I do appreciate your doing that. Thank you ! ''

Robert - Frederick, MD - February 22nd 2014

''I'm happy I was able to use this service not issues as was simple quick and easily done. ''

Charles - Orlando, FL - February 21st 2014

''I really don't remember how I came upon your site but I do know that you handled the job in a timely and efficient manner within reasonable time and expense. Was not happy with the runaround I was getting from those "classmates" guys so I am thankful you took care of my problem. If anyone else I know needs a heads up on your service I will respond accordingly. Regards, Skip Jolley Dallas, TX''

Burton - Dallas, TX - February 19th 2014

''Thank you for making the process of terminating this membership so easy and hassle free! I had been getting the run around from my gym for several months and finally decided to investigate other options to end my membership. Cancel Wizard made this a piece of cake! Great job!''

Aimee - St. Louis, MO - February 18th 2014

''Thanks, Shannon! I can't believe how easy that was :-) Thanks for all your help! Kelly''

Kelly - Longwood, FL - February 4th 2014

''Thnks cancelwizard You did a great jop. ''

Nestor - Woodbridge, VA - January 31st 2014

''I want to thank cancel Wizard for helping me cancel E.harmony.They did very good in getting it done in a very short time. Thank you. B.E.''

Barbara - Richmond Hill, GA - January 23rd 2014

''Dear Sirs you have made my life so much easier. I did not realize that to cancel a membership on my own would be such a hassel. THANK YOU!!!!!! ''

Regina - Virginia Beach, VA - December 24th 2013

''I had a long standing membership to a health club that I never used ( since I moved in 08'). I dreaded cancelling it since I knew it would be a long involved process. When I finally decided to move forward and get it done, I found CancelWizard. Wish I would have found them years ago! They took care of this for me with what amounted to a couple of mouse clicks and a very modest price tag (would have saved so much if I'd found them earlier). I highly recommend CancelWizard. It just could not have been easier. Eric P''

Eric P - Castle Rock, CO - December 17th 2013

''Thank you very much for taking the headache out of NYSC cancelation process.''

Alex A - Astoria, NY - December 17th 2013

''Thank you for terminating my Blair Rewards membership! I appreciate you being able to do this in spite of not having all the information you needed! For a testimonal statement I would say that you all do a great job of meeting the customer's needs/requests! Your customer service is excellent!''

Lydia - Gordonville, PA - December 4th 2013

''Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. YOU are a blessing! I so appreciate this. I will remember this and will give you a good review as I read on all the other reviews! Every person that has went through you wrote nothing, but nice things about you. That's why I went ahead and went through you. I will save this email for future references. ''

Susie - Cleveland, TN - November 11th 2013

''Wow you guys are amazing. When I was home during my leave from Iraq a few years ago I opened up an account with those guys. It was only for two weeks and should have been canceled once my leave ended. So please if we can cancel that one that would be wonderful. Thanks for everything. I'm on a like an share you guys info on Facebook. Please use my emails as testimonials. More people should know about you guys. Anytime is horrible and you guys made this swift, painless, an simple. ''

Charles - Abbeville, LA - November 9th 2013

''CancelWizard did a great job canceling an unwanted magazine subscription. Their service was prompt and courteous and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services.''

Sharon - Vestal, NY - November 8th 2013

''I am very pleased with the service provided by CancelWizard! This was a very smooth and hassle free process for me with CancelWizard basically doing the work for me. I would definitely use CancalWizard again and will be telling my friends how well this worked. Thank you very much! Jeanie''

Jeanie - Austin, TX - November 4th 2013

''Thank you SOOOOO Much I appreciate everything you have done. I thank God for your service. I really appreciate and I have learned a lesson about deals over the phone. Thank you soooo much''

Juan - Burbank, CA - October 25th 2013

''Thank you so much for your diligence. I really don't think I would have gotten them to cancel my membership this fast if you guys hadn't talked to them. You were wonderful. I would definitely recommend Cancel Wizard to anyone that wants to cancel a membership with anyone. Thanks again, Bonnie''

Bonnie - Baltimore, OH - October 23rd 2013

''Oh thank you thank you thank you!!! I'm happy with the fast service you provided and were able to reduce the payment. thank you so much again for your time and service Thank you again Kierstie ''

Kierstie - Taylorsville, UT - October 23rd 2013

''Thank you for making my cancellation so effortless. Chris''

Christine - Alberta, Canada - September 19th 2013

''Dear folks at cancelwizard, I would like to take the time to thank you for this service. You folks made everything completely painless, and kept me well informed on everything. Thank you very much. Jason''

Jason - York, Pennsylvania - September 17th 2013

''Thank you very much for helping me cancel the Lucille Roberts membership. I feel cheated that they are going to charge me another extra month but what can you do, its their bad policy. What surprises me is that they wonder why people cancel their membership, meanwhile their cheep services towards their clientele it's unbearable. Once they get you in, there is no way you can get out. That is horrible! As far as cancel wizard, I think you did an amazing job canceling my Lucille Roberts membership. Thank you again, Best regards, Nikolina ''

Nikolina - Ozone Park, NY - September 18th 2013

''"CancelWizard took the hassle out of terminating my gym membership contract. They were prompt, responsive, thorough, and followed up even after the contract was terminated. I highly recommend this service!"''

Dale - Chandler, AZ - September 13th 2013

''If you want to cancel an old account but don't remember the user name, password, etc and would rather not spend an hour or more on the phone talking to a machine - contact cancel wizard. They'll get it done fast and save you the hassle.''

Constance and Kevin - Clearwater, FL - September 9th 2013

''Thank you very much. I love how quick and effective this service was for me. I will be mentioning this service to many of my friends and family. Thank you ''

John - Hoboken, NJ - August 19 2013

''Im very happy with the CancelWizard .. It didnt work for me to Contact Golds Gym...,i was told they never received my letter of Cancellation, which I found a pain to have to do. But Your company CancelWizard did me a Great service.''

Brenda - North Las Vegas, NV - July 31st 2013

''CancelWizard successfully terminated my membership to my gym. They did what I was trying to do in an efficient and hassle-free manner.''

Ghalyah - New York, NY - July 19th 2013

''thank you for your help... i had tried repeatedly over a period of one week to contact aol with regard to cancelling my account.... i couldn't get through because a was a "non-paying" member... ugh.... i was so relieved to find cancel wizard.... they took all of the stress out of the cancellation... i must say that even though cancel wizard submitted the cancellation forms withing a day or so... it took aol almost a month to finally cancel my account thank you cancel wizard carol ''

Carol - Mattapoisett, MA - July 18th 2013

''Thank you for the great service. CancelWizard did exactly what they said and cancelled my gym membership in less than a month. I even got a one month refund from the membership. Thanks CancelWizard!! Danny ''

Danny - Powell, OH - July 18th 2013

''Thank you for canceling AOL for me. I believe it would have taken forever if you had not gotten the job done. Teressa ''

Teressa - Hanover, VA - July 18th 2013

''Cancelwizard was AWESOME!!! No stress. Just fill in the blanks and it was done! Thanks, Cancelwizard!!!''

Jeff - Atlanta, GA - July 12th 2013

''Well, you did it! You were successful in canceling my membership with Snap Fitness. I really appreciate your service as it saved me a whole lot of time and headaches. I also was very happy with the fact you answered all of my questions as promptly as you did. Great customer service. I will definitely recommend your service to friends.''

Marjorie - Tucson, AZ - July 10th 2013

''Thanks to CancelWizard for assisting me timely when I decided to cancel Chemistry.Com before my trial period was up! Sometime, in the future I may sign up with them again because my canceling their service did not have anything to do with me being dissatisfied with their site.''

Lona - Hope Mills, NC - June 28th 2013

''Thanks for all of your help! I cant believe how hard these gyms make it to cancel...What a scam...I appreciate all you did for me... Stacy''

Stacy - Henderson, NV - June 23rd 2013

''This is awesome! Many of these Dating sites today have you hooked before you even realize it. Then when you do its impossible to cancel once they have your info. Thank You Cancel Wizard for making dropping these sites easier for a fee that's less than what the sites were charging me monthly. Should I need your services again I won't hesitate to contact you. Thank You again! Ed''

Ed - Brighton, MI - June 21st 2013

''Well I tell you what. You guys rock. I was extremely doubtful at first. I discovered y'all a year ago but have hesitated until now, because i was afraid y'all being scamers. I now i see i could have saved a lot of money. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know i was very impatient, and rude. For this I apologize. It came from my being nervous. So again, Thank you. And now i know i can count on you in the future.''

Richard - Meridian, MS - June 15th 2013

''Thank you very much! -Chris''

Christopher - Philadelphia, PA - June 5th 2013

''Thank you so much Cancel Wizard!!!! You made my life so much easier! (: I didn't know how to cancel, thanks to you I don't have to pay Crunch Fitness Gym ever again! Thank You So Much Cancel Wizard!!!!! ''

Tida - Fontana, CA - May 23rd 2003

''Finally, someone listened to me! I had been trying for several months to remove myself from a particular website, which was costing me money and in which I no longer had interest. Cancelwizard did it for me, and politely as well! Kudos for helping me solve my problem! Donna A.''

Donna - Houston, TX - May 21st 2013

''My grateful thanks for your successful service, Veronica ''

Veronica - North Vancouver, B.C. - May 10th 2013

''Thank you very much for the excellent service that you provided in obtaining cancellation of an unwanted product. The representative who helped me - Shannon - went to extraordinary measures to conclude the matter for me, my grateful thanks to her and CancelWizard for resolving my difficulty, Veronica''

Veronica - North Vancouver, B.C. - May 10th 2013

''Great and very convenient service. I had a bad experience with canceling a gym membership before, and I don't want to relive the experience. It was a great thing I stumbled upon your website through my "research". It is so much easier to go through you guys than to spend so much time and effort in following their abusive cancellation process! Thanks a lot!''

Regina - San Dimas, CA - May 6th 2013

''" I had been agonizing for months and months how to cancel my membership from Gold's Gym, having read all the nightmare stories of people trying to do it on their own. In searching the web for clues as to how to go about it, I came across Cancel Wizard's website. For the same amount of money as a month's gym fee, Cancel Wizard promised to do it for me, and they did! Within two days they requested all my info, and two days after that the letter was composed, signed electronically by me and ready to deliver. A week after that I received notice that my membership has been successfully closed. The wording on the Gold's Gym contract is meant to bully people into thinking they can't ever, ever cancel...incredible. Cancel Wizard proves that to be false. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome service." best regards, Judith''

Judith - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - April 13th 2013

''Thank you for your help in cancelling Netflicks. It was very much appreciated.''

Gladys - BC, Canada - April 10th 2013

''I've used CancelWizard twice, both times have been very successful. The two companies I canceled were very difficult to contact and deal with. You were very prompt both times and I appreciate that, the accounts were canceled in a matter of days. I would recommend CancelWizard to anyone who's having to deal with a difficult company. Thank you! ''

Erin - Agoura Hills, CA - January 10th 2013

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