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''Thank for all I'm very surprised by the success of my process.''

Kokou - Everett, WA - July 25th, 2016

''It is a pleasure to recommend Cancel Wizard. I contacted Cancel Wizard with my problem on Sunday.Tuesday morning my problem had been solved. Right after explaining my problem and signing up Sunday I received a confirmation E Mail. I was kept informed as to what was happening through out the entire procedure. A completion E Mail arrived as soon as it happened. Very rapid and seemingly efficient service.Thank You Thank You''

Robert - Missouri - July 12th, 2016

''Your service was EXCEPTIONAL, I could NOT be more pleased, very prompt and effective ''

Steve - Atlanta, GA - July 25th 2016

''I have never used a cancellation service before, but when it came to cancelling my Proactiv account, I decided to find someone to do it for me. They have a reputation for making it difficult to get ahold of and can only be contacted by phone.So, I went online, found CancelWizard and filled out the easy information form for them to cancel Proactiv. Within a day, they contacted me via email (the method of contact I chose--they give you a ton of options), and let me know that they took care of it and I'm now free from Proactiv's recurring payments!This was definitely worth the price and I will look at CancelWizard first if I need someone to handle pushy salespeople during a cancellation again.I'm so happily surprised by the experience!Thank you CancelWizard! A load off of my mind and money back in my pocket!''

Megan - Cape Coral, FL - July 21st 2016

''Thank you so much for your help on canceling my pogo account. Your company was a great help. You answered all my questions for how to cancel my account. I am really great full for that. Once again thank you so much for your help.''

Suh Soon - Fall River, MA - July 19th 2016

''Wow! What an incredibly, efficient service you have provided us. We cannot possibly thank you enough. We look forward to our refund from Synapse and we are happy to offer our testimonial to the wonderful job you did. Your email confirming our ESPN magazine subscription was finally and successfully cancelled was so much a relief considering we got no help from the magazine nor Synapse. You guys are Amazing!!!''

Jim - Carmichael, CA - July 14th, 2016

''You ended my frustration @ my futile attempts to cancel on my own.Thanks a million.''

Andrea - Brentwood, TN - July 12th, 2016

''I love Cancelwizard, we tried canceling our gym membership over four times and they kept giving us excuses. I contacted cancel wizard and it was done in less than a week! IT'S PERFECT!! ''

Lindsay - Montgomery, IL - July 10th, 2016

''I am very happy with CancelWizard. They cancelled my E-Harmony very fast and it was so easy they did all the work for me. I appreciate that very much and yes i would use them again if I need to thank you all very much.''

Paula - Sunset, TX - July 7th 2016

''I thank you all very much for your kind services.''

Bill - Smyrna, DE - July 5th 2016

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