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''A big shout out to Cancel Wizard online service. Worth every penny to get my problem cleared up. Thank you, and I will use you again if needed. Barbara ''

Barbara - Boise, ID - November 14th 2014

''Thank you very much. Since many weeks i tried to cancel it and you fix it in a few are the best....i will recommand you . Thanks. ''

Daniel - Quebec, Canada - November 14th 2014

''As a fitness buff, I've had issues with canceling club memberships. Cancel Wizard is a painless way to cancel memberships that eliminates the jumping through hoops created by the club contract fine print. thanks-ejs''

Jay - Tyler, TX - November 13th 2014

''Your cancellation efforts worked where mine did not. I couldn't make contact with LifeLock via the computer. The charges for the upcoming year were astronomical and when I contacted them by phone I could not give them enough information to access my account. What I got was a sales pitch on different programs to which I could subscribe. Somehow, you folks were able to make the cancellation effective. Thank you again. Gordon ''

Gordon - Elk Rapids, MI - November 12th 2014

''I am very satisfied with the way Cancel Wizard promptly responded to my request for the requested refund which was provided in a timely, hassle free, manner. Very commendable and much appreciated! Thank you ''

Brian - Rockland, Ontario Canada - November 12, 2014

''Thank you so much for helping me cancel my membership! Y'all have had great service and have helped me complete this difficult task in a timely manner. I will definitely be recommending cancelwizard to others''

Kylie - Denham Springs, LA - November 6th 2014

''CancelWizard was great. My newspaper cancellation occurred within 2 business days after I had provided the necessary information. And, they secured a refund for me.''

Terry - Richardson, TX - November 5th 2014

''CancelWizard did an excellent job to cancel a membership for me which I accidentally joined. They not only canceled the membership, they also secured a refund for me from the company. Thank you very much Cancel Wizard for your big support!" I appreciate your involvement and all the best to you,''

Elke - Sun City West, AZ - October 31st 2014

''Cancel Wizard was absolutely wonderful to work with. They handled my problem and got my account cancelled in just one day. They were very professional in their approach and made me feel like I was their number one priority. I will definitely use them again if the need arises.''

John - Goodlettville, TN - October 31st 2014

''Thank you Cancel Wizard, this is the second time I used your service, with success to eliminate these unwanted and unapproved charges and get my refund. I will use you again if needed and highly recommend you service.''

Robert - Nashua, NH - October 26th 2014

''Thank you so very much for all of your help in this matter. I know I couldn’t have done the job that you did for me. Again, thank you for providing a wonderful service and I will surely tell my friends about what you did for me so that if they need help in the future they know where to get it. Warmest regards, Glenn ''

Glenn - West Chester, PA - October 24th 2014

''I am very pleased with your company and and I'm pleasantly surprised that you have followed through all the way to the end of my cancellation. Thanks for the help! I will recommend you to others. Austin ''

Austin - Plano, TX - October 23rd 2014

''Thank you Thank you Thank you. You were able to do in three weeks what I wasn't able to do in six months. You made it so easy I wish I would've heard about you guys sooner. Will never join Golds Gym again but will definitely use this website if needed again. ''

Eric - Richmond, VA - October 22nd 2014

''I want to thank Cacelwizard for their help in cancelling my AOL account. it was becoming a pain in the butt to get this done. with Cancelwizard, it was made VERY simple.''

David - Smyrna, TN - October 21st 2014

''Thanks for the help! Without you guys this would have taken weeks to do! Mike ''

Michael - Wichita, KS - October 22nd 2014

''Thank you cancel wizard for taking care of my membership. You are a great service to have.''

Rick - Grapevine, TX - October 21, 2014

''Just want to thank Cancel/Wizard for a speedy and professional response to my request to cancel the Amazon Prime ''

Mary - Monroe Township, NJ - October 20th 2014

''It was easy and convienaint You very helpful and card canceled in a timely manner and saved me from having to deal with it myself when i did not have time to do it or the patients. thank-you for being very helpful''

Ruth - Minerva, NY - October 21st 2014

''Greetings to you, It isn't often that you find such a reliable, safe and customer oriented company such as I have to say, I am truly amazed and appreciative of your efforts. If anyone comes to me with a similar issue which I had with a vendor, you will honestly be my first choice in referral. Thank you so much for your time and effort. You were great. Excellent price as well! GO!!! All the Best, Mike H. Cape Coral, Florida''

Mike - Cape Coral, Florida - October 21st 2014

''thanks for helping me whit this scoresense inc !''

George - Shoreline, WA - October 19th 2014

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