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''Thank you so much Cancel Wizard for getting a subscription I didn't even want cancelled. I had no idea was a hoax offering a free trial then charging me a full subscription. I would fully recommend your services to everyone I know.''

Heather - Winnipeg, Canada - April 23rd 2015

''After trying for days I was unable to cancel an account. Cancel Wizard did it in just a couple of days and secured me a refund I didn't expect.''

Lila - San Antonio, TX - April 16th 2015

''Wow! I'm very impressed and beyond satisfied. I was concerned that this process would be a very laborious and drawn out ordeal, due to the questionable ethics of the Red Envelope Rewards Company. Cancel Wizard definitely exceeded my expectations!''

Michelle - Glen Burnie, MD - April 15th 2015

''Thanks for closing out the gym membership was going to be painful for me and you made it so much easier and cheaper thanks again for you services.''

Osvaldo - Elizabeth, NJ - April 10th 2015

''Review / TestimonialCancelWizard.comSo I had this problem with a porn site that charged $0.00 on my card but tagged along another service with barely 48 hrs to cancel. On top of that, there was no reference to the company, it's services, it's name, it's address and it didn't send an invoice or receipt. As shady as you could possibly get. Somehow I remembered the site name and tried my best to navigate the site, mind you that I'm on an iPhone 5s. So basically they shut me down and I was doomed to be billed by these bastards! Well a great thing happened on the way to cancel, happened to advertise on this page! (Great move marketing group!!) So I read their info and since I've been here before, stressed out and embarrassed enough to not want help - I wasn't going through that again.! I filled out the info page and paid my fee. And off I went stress free, and happy knowing that a company was developed just to provide the service of canceling peoples' subscriptions to their shady website and shady service. A couple of days later, I received an email telling me that I was cleared from their greedy internet ways! That was it- no worries no hassles and a job well done. took care of my problem. Performed as promised and I never had to think of it again. Only one small downside - Cancel has a fee and it was the same price as the group that was charging me. For the service provides - PricelessThanks - - your people are courteous, helpful, polite and that was just the phone line. Technically, your service techs are just awesome! ''

Clyde - Henderson, NV - 03/31/2015

''Thank you, thank you.You have turned disappointment into delight.Again, thank you,''

Sharon - Jackson, MI - March 27th 2015

''I am very pleased with the prompt service couldn't ask for a better job thank you''

Linda - Youngstown, OH - March 26th 2015

''First Class service that's all anyone can ask for. I am well pleased. Thank You .Gordon ''

Gordon - Cumbria, ENGLAND - March 26th 2015

''Good day to you Many thanks for the superb service you offer, I am really pleased that this account has been terminated. The transaction was quick, easy to follow and most efficient and I appreciate the feedback. Kind regardsJacky Satisfied customer''

Jacky - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - March 26th 2015

''I was very pleased with this service. I got suckered into a scammer sight and was having a lot of difficulty undoing this mistake. For a fee it was taken care of for me. I am no longer being hassled by them. When I signed up they made it sound so easy to cancel. Without cancelwizard I would probably still be fighting with them to cancel this services. I would recommend this service to anyone who got suckered into something and they are having trouble getting out. Thank you! Cherish. ''

Cherish - Oxford, CT - March 23rd 2015

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