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''Thank you so much for your help And so fast. Much appreciated. ''

Martha - Superior , CO - December 19th 2014

''Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure working with you.''

Virginia - Sussex. WI - December 18th 2014

''Extremely happy with your service. Thank you!''

Donna - Madison, PA - December 18th 2014

''Thank you for a quick response. This was very easy and convenient. I would recommend the service to others.''

Victoria - Oceanside, NY - December 16th, 2014

''I found Cancel Wizard to be very helpful and responded to my inquiries in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone. Thanks again ''

Valerie - Des Moines, IA - December 17th 2014

''cancel/Wizard did a really good and fast job. Judy ''

Judy - Flint, MI - December 3rd 2014

''Thank you for canceling my world gym membership ship. You took all the hassle to cancel it myself away. Thank you and cancel wizard again. If I need anything canceled I'm coming to you guys. Chris ''

Chris - Springfield, VA - December 2nd 2014

''CancelWizard is the BEST!!!! Thanx for taking care of our problem!!! Will recommend you to ALL my friends!!! Jack''

Jack - Hillsboro, NM - November 26th 2014

''Hi. Many thanks for cancelling my SafeCart account. A first class service. I can recommend. Thank you''

Ronald - Northhampton, United Kingdon - November 24th 2014

''"We would like to thank Cancelwizard for the easy and fast process in canceling our gym memberships. We never thought that this kind of service exists and at first we had doubts but we gave it a try and we are not disappointed! Customer service is fantastic and they respond quickly. I hope that other people will utilize this kind of service especially in dealing with companies that gives them hard time to cancel any membership. Again, thank you for making this easy breeze!!! " -- Joe and Natalie ''

Natalie and Joe - Elmhurst, NY - November 24th 2014

''Wow! That's great!! I absolutely did not have time to do this and was leery about trying this...but you guys came through and I am so happy I don't have to do this :) Thanks so much for your help!! Sincerely, Alicia ''

Alicia - Mansfield, MA - November 24th 2014

''Thank you Shannon S. and thank you CancelWizard for canceling my account. It was certainly easier than having to deal with the business itself.''

Betsy - Pinellas Park, FL - November 24th 2014

''Excellent timely service provided by CancelWizard. With their service, they were able to remove a pesky auto payment from a financial service. The issue was rectified within 24 hours, and I would most recommend CancelWizard and would not hesitate to use them again. Money well spent! Thanks again. Tom''

Thomas - Woodside, NY - November 20th 2014

''A big shout out to Cancel Wizard online service. Worth every penny to get my problem cleared up. Thank you, and I will use you again if needed. Barbara ''

Barbara - Boise, ID - November 14th 2014

''Thank you very much. Since many weeks i tried to cancel it and you fix it in a few are the best....i will recommand you . Thanks. ''

Daniel - Quebec, Canada - November 14th 2014

''As a fitness buff, I've had issues with canceling club memberships. Cancel Wizard is a painless way to cancel memberships that eliminates the jumping through hoops created by the club contract fine print. thanks-ejs''

Jay - Tyler, TX - November 13th 2014

''Your cancellation efforts worked where mine did not. I couldn't make contact with LifeLock via the computer. The charges for the upcoming year were astronomical and when I contacted them by phone I could not give them enough information to access my account. What I got was a sales pitch on different programs to which I could subscribe. Somehow, you folks were able to make the cancellation effective. Thank you again. Gordon ''

Gordon - Elk Rapids, MI - November 12th 2014

''I am very satisfied with the way Cancel Wizard promptly responded to my request for the requested refund which was provided in a timely, hassle free, manner. Very commendable and much appreciated! Thank you ''

Brian - Rockland, Ontario Canada - November 12, 2014

''Thank you so much for helping me cancel my membership! Y'all have had great service and have helped me complete this difficult task in a timely manner. I will definitely be recommending cancelwizard to others''

Kylie - Denham Springs, LA - November 6th 2014

''CancelWizard was great. My newspaper cancellation occurred within 2 business days after I had provided the necessary information. And, they secured a refund for me.''

Terry - Richardson, TX - November 5th 2014

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