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''Im so grateful for you all helping with this matter. I would recommend you to everyone and would give you a 10+ or more. Your customer service was outstanding and I would defiantly you this company again. I want to thank all for all the help and the hassle free commitment to me when it comes to a issue like this. A great weight was lifted when you took on this obligation. Thank You again. The money was worth the time spent for this.''

Debbie - Seneca, IL - November 25th 2015

''CancelWizard Excellent service. Thank you very much''

Keith - Towcester, UK - November 25th 2015

''Thank you for your great job. Never understood what I was getting into. Wayne ''

Wayne - Reinholds, PA - November 25th 2015

''Thank you for quickly solving a difficult problem and just before another magazine renewal occurred.I believe there are hundreds if not thousands of people out there who are trapped in this scam but don't know how to get out of it. Thankfully, I found Cancel Wizard. Robin ''

Robin - Burbank, CA - November 23rd 2015

''Thank you for your assistance! I am so glad to have this over with!G. Gordon''

G. Gordon - Sykesville, MD - November 23rd 2015

''Thank you, for your quick response, you put my mind at ease and made my cancellation so easy. Thank you again!''

Marleen - Inwood, WV - November 19th 2015

''This is a great service. It's a pain that some companies make you jump through hoops to cancel a service. They said I absolutely had to come to the office. We showed them! Recommended.''

Kevin - Tallahassee, FL - November 18th 2015

''Thank you so much. I have to learn more before I go forth with anything that complicated I am just learning.''

Doris - St Augustine, FL - November 18th 2015

''I was very skeptical about using this service! All I wanted was to contact the company that sent me the product that I didn't even order. I came across this company! They told me there would be a small fee. I back out the next day they sent me a email. Okay what do I have to loose the price is reasonable if it works at least they won't send me anymore product. Cancel wizard responded, got the product stopped and canceled, and got me a refund for almost three times the fee I paid them to do it. If I every need the service again I will not hesitate for a minute. Great company! Great service!!''

Gloria - West Jordan, UT - November 12th 2015

''I would like say say that your company, especially Shannon was very caring of my particular problem. I tried for over a month trying to cancel Skype, I had no Idea that there were two accounts. One company wanted to charge me $36.00, another on #20,00. So, over all your company saved me $56.00. At this time my finances are not the best. Especially because my wife has been ill for over two years, now she is under Hospice care. So , thank you so very much. Shannon is a real sweetheart. Ken''

Ken - St. Augustine, FL - November 12th 2015

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