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''I have used your service several times in past years and it really keeps me on track with credit card charges that show up month after month due to my negligence. i get hooked into subscriptions to products and services and forget to cancel, or have difficulty cancelling. your service makes it easy for me. a one-time incidental charge for their services.''

Lucille - Aptos, CA - October 14th 2021

''Thank you very much!''

Annette - Terryville,CT - October 13th 2021

''Thank you!!''

Linda - Mt. Olive, AL - October 13th 2021

''Thank you ever so much. you do some wonderful work.''

Sarah - Williamstown, MA - October 6th 2021

''Thank you very much!!!!''

Joe - Lowell, MA - September 30th 2021

''Your service, thank you so much i am very happy with your service, i'll use it again if i have to and i will recommended it to my friend's.''

Milagros - Bridgeport, CT - September 24th 2021

''I am very pleased and happy with your prompt and efficient services. thank you very much!''

Karen - Petaluma, CA - September 17th 2021

''Thank you so very much! i had tried to cancel this myself without any luck. i am very appreciative of the speed with which you were able to accomplish this. thanks again!''

Susan - Fayette, IA - September 16th 2021

''Fantastic! thank you so much for your help. simple, fast and inexpensive. ''

Karen - Berryville, VA - September 14th 2021

''You did a great job your service! with my busy schedule, i don't have time to cancel in person. it's so convenient! ''

Agnes - Hayward, CA - August 17th 2021


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