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''I would definitely advise this to anyone!''

Katie - Dornsife, PA - February 14th 2019

''This service is amazing and I refer you to all my friends!''

Venus - Whippany, NJ - February 12th 2019

''Thank you for the refund that your company has secured for me. Computer sites can be confusing and I appreciate that your company understands that. Thank you for your help and understanding.''

Mike - Ashland City, TN - February 7th 2019

''Good job! Thank you for canceling the search site. It was too expensive and you got most of my money back for me!''

Sally - Buffalo, NY - February 5th 2019

''Very impressed by your service. It really worked! If need be, I will use it again!''

Marsel - Vancouver, British Columbia - February 5th 2019

''Wow! Thank you! You are the best!''

Carole - Torrington, CT - February 5th 2019

''Thank you Cancelwizard, I had trouble getting this canceled and you solved my problem. So thanks.''

Donald - Forth Worth, TX - February 4th 2019

''With cable and satellite companies getting desperate to hold on to subscribers, I was dreading the multi-step process of getting through their 'customer retention' department, anticipating a series of increasingly desperate pleas and roadblocks to achieving cancellation. CancelWizard came to the rescue. About 24 hours later, I received noticed the cancellation was complete. Love it.''

Glenn - Palm Springs, CA - January 30th 2019

''Can't thank you enough for cancelling my trial account. When I tried to cancel on my own the company had given me about 15 steps of cutting and pasting online, all of which went over my head....I'm definitely not a techie! I am so appreciative of your business and trustworthiness and just wish all businesses were as honest and awesome as yours!! You did exactly what you promised!! :) I have submitted your company info into my address book now! :) YOU ROCK! THANKS AGAIN!''

Kendra - Menifee, CA - January 29th 2019

''I happened on to CancelWizard by chance. I had been procrastinating about a monthly charge on my credit card. It was a small charge but had been running for over a year costing me a total of $400 plus. I decided to pay the small fee and let CancelWizard do the job. Bingo! It was done! That same day! I went through my recent bills and realized I was lazily paying for several other services or items that I no longer needed. CancelWizard has successfully cancelled four other accounts for me. Try it. You won't regret it.''

Lucille - Aptos, CA - January 27th 2019

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