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''Thank you so very much for your help in this endeavor. you do a great job in handling these problems. ''

Beverly - Tulsa, Oklahoma - August 2st 2022

''I would like to thank your service for successfully cancelling an account i no longer wished to be a part of. this was fine with a minimum of fuss, promptly and respectfully. your service also secured a partial refund from the company concerned, for which i am very grateful. i would confidently recommend them. ''

Margaret - Devonprt Tasmania, Australia - August 2nd 2022

''Thank you for your quick and cancelation of my order.''

Sigrid - Gainesville, GA - July 26th 2022

''I am more than happy with the service from your service. i was uncertain about the entire issue of cancelling a charge i could provide no good information on. you took what i provided and to my surprise, i am to receive the full amount i was questioning. no hassle, no doubting my questions. very, very pleased.''

Nancy - Falls Church, VA - July 25th 2022

''Fantastic...thanks for help..very fast''

Jim - Sand Springs, OK - July 18th 2022

''I spent over 8 hours trying to cancel my subscription. i had to remember to go to the app each week to skip the week. you are worth your weight in gold to get this monkey off my back, and i thank you!''

Marianne - Lincoln, NE - July 18th 2022

''Thank you ''

Susan - Essex, Canada - July 17th 2022

''Excellent thanks so much. ''

William - Quincy, MA - July 11th 2022

''Thank you for your quick work. on the same day i received your email about the successful cancellation of the **** subscription, i received an email from them confirming what you told me. and as you told me, they are refunding the last charge. i appreciate your help and recommend you to anyone who has difficulty canceling an online subscription. ''

William - Oxnard, CA - July 2nd 2022

''Thank you so much for cancelling my subscription to ****. that was so quick! i will definitely go with you guys if i ever need you again! can't thank you enough for your help.''

Laurie - Ida, MI - July 1st 2022


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