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''Very pleased with the service. was very pleasantly surprised not only to cancel the program i hired you to do but also surprisingly secure a refund for me. a big thank you for your help.''

Henry - Covina, CA - November 14th 2023

''Thank you so much for helping me cancel a company i never subscribed to. i tried on my own but found they were still deducting money from my credit card. it was so easy to work with you and your response was extremely quick. i would recommend you to anyone who needs help getting rid of scammers. thank ''

Barbara - Cragsmoor, NY - November 13th 2023

''Thank you. i appreciate all your help.''

Bernadette - North Tonawanda, NY - November 8th 2023

''Dear your service, i am thrilled you have solved my problem. i would like to endorse your company very strongly for your patience, persistence, quick response, and thoughtful emails. i would happily refer any friend in my situation, in south australia [or anywhere else] to your service, cheers again''

William - Adelaide South Australia - October 9th 2023

''Thank you for your services. i would definitely recommend you to a friend.''

Kenneth - Northport, AL - September 20th 2023

''I spent several hours trying to cancel an unwanted subscription service. my efforts to do so included ineffective use of websites and useless phone calls. your service to the rescue! within 24 hours of contacting them, they solved my problem, cancelled the subscription, and secured a refund for me.problem solved!''

Tim - Forth Worth, TX - September 14th 2023

''Thank you very much for your good service.strong work!''

Timothy - Fort Worth, TX - September 14th 2023

''Thank you for your prompt response, i have been trying unsuccessfully to cancel this account for several weeks and you completed it in two days. congratulations for a job well done.''

Michael - Earleville, MD - August 31st 2023


Pamela - Centennial, CO - August 25th 2023

''Highly recommend, best service ever.''

Charles - Batesville, IN - August 22nd 2023


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