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Cancel American Leisure

American Leisure is a well-known publication distributed throughout the United States intended to help save consumers money. However, this publication has gained a poor reputation from online review sites from people who claimed that they weren’t even aware of their subscription. 

If you’ve tried searching the Internet for the American Leisure website, you’ve probably noticed that the company is headed by a larger corporation, making it more challenging to find the direct website for American Leisure. Sites like RipoffReport.com and PissedOffConsumer.com show just a few of the complaints by frustrated consumers. Some reviewers link the charges back to an old order of hydroxatone.

One customer complained that they authorized an automated phone purchase for a completely different product, and felt they were fooled into "okaying" additional monthly charges through Encore Marketing for American Leisure and Easy Saver coupons and offers. As a result their credit card racked up upwards of $20 each month in unauthorized expenses. The customer said, “Encore Marketing should be ashamed of themselves for ripping off consumers.”

If you find yourself in a similar position, here are the steps we recommend you take to cancel your American Leisure account should all else fail:

What You’ll Need

  • Bank account or credit card information associated with your American Leisure account
  • Access to a phone
  • Past American Leisure bills

Steps to Cancel

  1. Try notifying American Leisure that you would like to stop payment. It is a good idea to put your request in writing, so that you have a record of it in case of a dispute.
  2. If you are not able to contact American Leisure, notify your bank and discuss your options, one of which may be that you’d like to stop payment. According to the FDIC, “Your notice to the bank may be oral, but the institution may require you to provide a written follow-up within 14 days to ensure that no additional payments are made.”
  3. If you want to stop reoccuring payments to American Leisure on your credit card, contact your card issuer. You'll have 60 days to dispute the charge from the time you are sent the statement. 

If you’ve signed up for, and wish to cancel your American Leisure account let CancelWizard do it for you now.

Company Information

Alternate Phone:
Address: 414 Airport Executive Park
Alternate Address: -
City: Nanuet
State: NY
Zip: 10945

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

Your Comments

Cancelwizard On November, 11th 2011
Thanks for pointing this out. Were you able to cancel your account? If not, and if you'd like our help get started by clicking the big, red button. Thanks!
Jv On November, 11th 2011
ok after more research there are 3 names that they are billing under- American Leisure, super Save Food and Easy Saver- SCAM just like this website!
Jv On November, 11th 2011
phone number for this site is no good- caution- likely a scam- if you are being charged you are likely being charged under numerous names i.e- American Leisure, Super Save Food, Sun Groves, Inc, Airtran Airways, Lake Jovita Far, Dagwood Sport, Crystal Bay Ent, Network for Goo, Oasis Food Mark, Domino S, Cumberland Far- names are endless depending on how long they have been charging you- i just checked my account and i am over $200 lossed so far- would be nice to find a site that can stop all of them from charging!!!!
Cancelwizard On October, 7th 2011
Rena - Did you sign up with CancelWizard, or are you talking about American Leisure? We are a third party company and not affiliated with American Leisure, but can help you cancel your account. If you'd like our help, please click the big, red button. Thanks!
Rena grove On September, 30th 2011
I cancelled this service in Feb of 2011 and in Aug 2011. You take money out of my bank account and I have nothing to show for I want full reimbersment. And membership cancelled.
Cancelwizard On September, 7th 2011
If you'd like CancelWizard's help canceling your American Leisure account, please click the big red button to get started! Thanks!
Shelley morrison On September, 4th 2011
I canceled this a while back and was told that I could expect a full refund. As I did with Easy Savers, and this has not been refunded nor do I know if it shows to be canceled. I need it canceled immediately and fully refunded as I was told I would be. email to-wit: ellemorrison40@yahoo.com Shelley Anne Morrison
Cancelwizard On September, 2nd 2011
Thanks for sharing your story, Tom. Good luck and remember to keep those receipts and invoices!
Tom burks ( mt. washington ky) On September, 2nd 2011
After many attemps to stop payment on american leisure with my debt card automated with drawls through my bank that failed, I some how found this site and others that relate to many customers like me being scammed. I have been taken for $16.95 for more than a year. Talk about being scammed, I am the example. I found this # 1-877-564-8538. I called and cancelled to American Leisure and recieved a confirmation # about a mile long. It is spoken fast and only repeated once, so have pen and paper readily available. My only choice now is to moniter my bank account to see if this was a success. I still do not know what it was being withdrawn from. I did however order a set of Ronco knife sets from an information commercial, and I suspect this is where American Leisure hooked me, over a year ago. GOOD LUCK and I hope they hang the "xoxoxoxoxox".
Cancelwizard On August, 24th 2011
Looks like many folks are having difficulty canceling their American Leisure accounts. If you would like CancelWizard to help - push the big red button!

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