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Body of Change, a branch of the LA Fitness gym franchise, is like most other gym companies. Contract are required, making it difficult for busy people to “opt out” of their gym membership. If you’ve signed up with Body of Change, and you need to cancel your gym membership, you may have had difficulty finding their website – as at the time of this writing, there isn’t one. As LA Fitness is the umbrella company surrounding Body of Change, you cannot cancel your Body of Change membership via Internet.

One of the more "convenient" ways to cancel your Body of Change membership is to go to the branch you signed your contract at in person. However, if you plan on cancelling your Body of Change membership before your contract is up, you may be required to provide proof of medical injury or proof that you have moved over 25 miles away from the nearest Body of Change location. As you can see from the link, that may not even be enough reason to cancel your Body of Change gym contract according to the reviewer.


If you’ve attempted to phone the customer service team at Body of Change, you’ve probably been alerted that a certified letter must be sent in order for you to cancel your Body of Change membership. Don’t just mail a letter! The cancellation letter must be sent certified post, in order to confirm its delivery.

Don’t let gym companies push you around. CancelWizard can aid you in cancelling your Body of Change membership.

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