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ABC Financial works as a third-party for fitness companies—they manage billing and health club management software for more than 4,800 clubs throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Though the company does serve to streamline money management for fitness clubs, this can have the unintended consequence of adding another layer for the gym member wanting to cancel their membership. As always, you’ll want to read your Membership Agreement or whatever contract you’ve signed with your specific gym. The agreement should outline the length of the membership, what happens at the end of that term, and the cancellation or termination policy and whether you need to reach out to a third party vendor like ABC Financial.

Some gyms may use ABC Financial for software only and handle their own cancellations, others may have ABC Financial manage all billing and cancellations; it is the contract with the gym which will provide the most accurate information about the proper avenue when ending the contract.

Here are the steps that could prove useful when terminating your gym membership and your relationship with ABC Financial:

What You’ll Need:

    •    Type of account held through ABC Financial 
    •    Address of account billed through ABC Financial 
    •    Account number - call ABC Financial or your gym if you don’t have it, this is an important part of any written cancellation notice 
    •    Reason for cancellation 
    •    Your personal information stored with ABC Financial (phone, email, address, date of birth) 
    •    Credit card used for billing
    •    Recent ABC Financial bill 

Steps to Cancel Gym Memberships billed through ABC Financial:
    •    Gather all required information above

    •    Call the ABC Financial customer care line at 888-827-9262 and inquire about the status of your gym membership 

    •    When does your contract end?
    •    Is there any past due amount?
    •    When is your next scheduled billing and how much?
    •    How can you cancel?

    •    Follow the instructions ABC Financial customer support provides, as they will have access to your particular contract terms.
    •    They may ask you to give written notice of cancellation. Obtain all information you need to include in your written request
    •    If it is by email, make sure that you get a confirmation email back that your request has been received
    •    If by regular mail, make sure to request the exact address the notice should be sent to and always send certified letter whenever possible
    •    They may tell you that the gym itself handles cancellations - now you’re back at square one and need to speak with the gym directly (we suggest sending all requests in writing, certified receipt)
    •    They may cancel over the phone - get the rep’s name and ask for them to email you a confirmation. Check your bank statements for activity from ABC Financial services each month to ensure you’re not getting charged. If you get erroneously charged, reach out to your gym or abc financial to correct the mistake and discuss options with your bank should it escalate

Company Information

Phone: 888-827-9262
Alternate Phone: 501-992-0802 (Fax)
Address: PO Box 6800
Alternate Address: -
City: Sherwood
State: AR
Zip: 72124

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