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Cancel Ameriloan

“Fast cash!”... “Payday loans!”... Have you seen this flash across the television or on a billboard? If so, it might have been coming from Ameriloan. Ameriloan is a cash advance company located in the United States. The company brings cash advances to people between paychecks, helps people pay unexpected bills, or get through a workweek when money is tight. Essentially, Ameriloan grants loans against a consumer’s paycheck to be paid back with a hefty interest rate.

Like most things, if it sounds like a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is. ConsumerAffairs.com and RipOffReport.com showcase many complaints against Ameriloan from overdrafting accounts to making unauthorized charges on various bank accounts, per the reviewers. If you’ve taken out a quick loan with Ameriloans and have chosen not to pay your debt in full, you could be vulnerable to extra charges. However, sometimes even if your loan is paid in full you may still notice money being taken out of your account at the hands of Ameriloan if you don't cancel properly or perhaps the company makes a mistake.

If you’re finding yourself in a situation where you see weird charges coming from Ameriloans, it’s probably time to cancel. Here are the steps to do so:

What You’ll Need:

  • Bank account information associated with the account
  • Personal information
  • Access to a computer and phone
  • Financial information (employer, income source)

Steps to Cancel:

  1. Start by contacting Ameriloan at 1-800-362-9090. Ask them that you would like to cease a particular cash advance. Be as detailed as possible. 
  2. If you look at your bank statements and notice Ameriloans is taking money out of your account, go to your bank immediately and see what they suggest. 
  3. Keep all the paperwork regarding your Ameriloan transaction, and all documentation to and from your bank.
  4. A month after you cancelled the transaction, check your bank statement to make sure there are no additional charges from Ameriloans.

Expert Tip:

If you need to take out a quick loan because of an emergency, you should pay your loan back in full. Not only will this help you avoid paying a lot of interest fees, but it will also decrease your chances of being charged extraneously by Ameriloan.

Still need help? Let CancelWizard help get Ameriloan off your back for good.

Company Information

Phone: 1-800-362-9090
Alternate Phone: 1-800-256-9166
E-mail: customerservice@ameriloan.com
Address: PO Box 111
Alternate Address: -
City: Miami
State: OK
Zip: 74355

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