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Cancel Postal Dog Treats

Postal Dog Treats is a subscription-based company that delivers dog treats directly to your home on a regular basis. The subscription makes providing healthy nutrition for your pet easy and convenient. Unfortunately, the business practices of the Postal Dog Treat company are anything but convenient.

There are some reviews on the Internet of unsatisfied Postal Dog Treat customers attempting to cancel their subscription only to be lead down a dead end, or at least that's how the feel. On consumer advocacy sites like RipOff Report, consumers scoff at this organization's cancelation policies. 

If you are having issues canceling Postal Dog Treats, read on:

What You’ll Need

  • Credit card information associated with Postal Dog Treats account
  • A Postal Dog Treats bill
  • Personal and account information

Steps to Cancel

  1. Retrieve a copy of the latest Postal Dog Treats bill. Find the account information listed on your bill. Set this out for later use. 
  2. Call the credit card company associated with your account. The customer service number is listed at the back of your card. 
  3. Give the credit card company your account information and details about the transaction. 
  4. Dispute the credit card charge. Request a stop payment with the vendor “Postal Dog Treats”. 
  5. Provide any documentation that supports your dispute.  
  6. Request written proof that the dispute went through.
  7. Check your statement 30 and 60 days after to confirm that you are not being billed by Postal Dog Treats.

 If you still need help, you should let Cancel Wizard cancel your Postal Dog Treats subscription for you now!

Company Information

Phone: 1-888-713-9096
Alternate Phone: -
E-mail: cancel@postaldogtreats.com
Address: -
Alternate Address: -
City: -
State: -
Zip: -

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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