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Cancel Savings Ace

Savings Ace is a membership-based online shopping portal where customers can take advantage of discounted retail deals. Savings Ace features premium retailers like Old Navy, Ann Taylor, Apple, Nike, and Nordstrom, and patrons can earn up cash back when they shop online and spend a specific quota per month.

The cancelation process of an online membership-based company can be difficult, and ComplaintsBoard.com has reviews that could mean Savings Ace is no different. Consumers noted the following grievances:

“I registered for a free trial with a website almost a YEAR ago and cancelled my subscription within 7 days. Well, months later I notice an unauthorized charge on my account for $19.95 from SavingsAce.”


“I have a $19.95 charge on my credit card from SavingsAce. I have NO idea what it is from, I have never even heard of this company before!!!...”

Some customers noted that they accidentally opted into a Savings Ace membership through Travelocity, Jarvin, and MyLife.com, while others noted that their free trial membership turned into a paid one. Monthly fees of $19.95 per month on a service that someone feels they never signed up for is less than desirable. 

Whatever the reason, you might be looking to learn how to cancel your Savings Ace account. Here’s how to do so:

What You’ll Need

  • Savings Ace membership number
  • Email address associated with your account
  • Billing information
  • Personal information
  • Access to the Internet

Steps to Cancel

  1. Visit the Savings Ace cancellation page
  2. Type in your email address.
  3. Follow the prompts. Click “I want to cancel”. 
  4. Screen shot the page for your records.
  5. The cancellation should be processed.
  6. If you are still having issues canceling, connect with a customer service representative at 888-593-5216. State your desire to cancel and remain on the phone with them until they process your cancellation. Make sure to have them reviews cancelation fees and the date your account is officially canceled.
  7. If this doesn’t do the trick, contact your bank and stop payment to Savings Ace. 

If you want CancelWizard to process this cancelation, scroll down and click the “Use Our Cancellation Service” button below! 

Company Information

Phone: 888-593-5216
Alternate Phone: -
E-mail: membersavings@savingsace.com
Address: 9500 W Dodge Rd
Alternate Address: Suite 100
City: Omaha
State: NE
Zip: 68114

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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