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Cardinal Fitness is a group of health clubs designed for men and women in Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana to have a high-quality workout at a cost-effective price. Cardinal Fitness offers group fitness, personal training, and tanning. Members can enjoy cardio equipment, free weights, and a stretching area. Cardinal Fitness markets itself as a low-cost and accessible fitness chain.

Cardinal Fitness offers month-to-month memberships with no long-term contracts where members may cancel anytime with a 30-day written notice at as low as $10 per month. Year-long contracts are also available for members for around $19.95 per month for an individual membership, $31.95 per month for a couple's membership, and $38.95 per month for a family membership for three family members.

Cardinal Fitness sounds like the ideal gym, right? Unfortunately, consumer grievances on Yelp!, RipOffReport, are a few. 

If you find yourself in a difficult situation where it’s seemingly impossible to cancel your membership, fear not: CancelWizard is here to help you. Here's how to cancel your Cardinal Fitness account:

What You’ll Need:

  • Personal information
  • Billing information (credit card or bank account associated with the account)
  • Access to a U.S. Postal Service office
  • Original Cardinal Fitness contract
  • Account information

Steps to Cancel:

  1. Cancel Cardinal Fitness through written notice: either by personal delivery to your “home gym” or mailing a certified written notice. To find the mailing address to send your cancellation letter to, review your Cardinal Fitness contract. This is the document you signed when originally signing up for your membership.
  2. Address the letter to Cardinal Fitness. Include your personal information, including your full name, address, the name of the gym that you originally signed up for your membership. Also, if you feel comfortable doing so, include the billing information associated with your membership. 
  3. The notice must state your intention to cancel and not be bound by the membership agreement. If possible, include the reason why you want to cancel. 
  4. It may take 30 days for the cancellation to be processed. If you cancel via certified mail, follow up by visiting your “home gym” location and speaking to a membership representative to ensure that your cancellation has been processed.

Expert Tips:

  • MyClub handles all billing for Cardinal Fitness. For billing questions visit myiclubonline.com or call 888-827-9262.
  • If you move 25 or more miles from a Cardinal Fitness facility, that is grounds for you to early terminate your contract. If you decide to do this, you will be liable for only that portion of charges allocable to the time before reasonable evidence of such relocation is presented to Cardinal Fitness.
  • If you, due to death or disability, are unable to use the fitness services offered by Cardinal Fitness, you or your family members are liable for only that portion of the charges allocable to the time prior to death or onset of disability.

You don’t have to deal with tricky gym cancellation policies and auto-deductions from your account. Allow CancelWizard to assist you in ending your Cardinal Fitness gym membership.

Company Information

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Address: http://www.cardinalfitness.com/ContactUs.aspx
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If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

How-to Cancel Instructions for Cardinal Fitness

Your Comments

Cancelwizard On April, 27th 2011
Gary - Thanks for writing! We are always looking for the best ways to help consumers cancel online memberships and other accounts. If we can help you in any way, please let us know. Thanks!
Gary dunn On April, 20th 2011
Very interesting and informative. I will never again join something were I have to give them my credit card and / or bank information for direct withdraw. As I am in the midst of canceling my membership at Cardinal Fitness. I hope since you and others paved the way, I don not experience the same shameful frustration. Thank you, Please update with what happened.
Kelly On January, 7th 2011
I agree. My daughter got a membership from her grandparents for six months. Even tho they told the staff that was the plan, they continued to charge the grandparents - who live out of state. Even after asking for a cancellation. When I called to resolve the issue, I was yelled at by the so called "general manager" and eventually he hung up on me. Facility was dirty, no working showers, and horribly rude staff.

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