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Cancel Future Fitness

Gym franchises… Though they have up-to-date equipment, exciting classes, and offer ways to get in shape, many struggle with offering transparent cancellation policies. Future Fitness is no different as far as canceling gym contracts are concerned. In fact, ZanderChance, RipOff Report, NBC,and USComplaints.com have a host of negative complaints against this East coast fitness chain. 

One customer said:

“I attempted to cancel my membership at Future Fitness and called to speak with the Manager 6 times before finally tracking him -- Joe -- down.” 

And, this poor Future Fitness member said:

“Liars & Crooks - STAY AWAY!!! … No one wipes down equipment, especially not the trainers, who leave the place a mess. Worst of all, when you try to cancel your membership, they say they'll charge you 3 months, but then never stop billing you. They billed me for 9 months after cancellation.”

If you want to cancel your Future Fitness membership, read on.

What You’ll Need:

  • Account information
  • Payment information
  • Personal information 
  • Future Fitness Membership Contract

Steps to Cancel: 

  1. Confirm the date you signed your contract, and know that you may have to pay 90 days before you can even consider canceling. 
  2. Walk into your home Future Fitness gym and ask to speak to the manager.
  3. State your desire to cancel your membership. Make sure you have all account, personal, and payment information in hand. Better yet, prepare the information on paper. 
  4. Reconcile any outstanding payments to a $0 balance.
  5. Give the manager the information and confirm that they have processed the cancellation by asking for a hard-copy document to prove cancellation. 

Expert Tips:

  • Contact the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, which regulates health clubs. State your case and request guidance. 
  • Another option is to “freeze” your account, at only $5 per month. This is not a long-term solution, but Future Fitness members have been known to do this.
  • Jordyn of New Jersey notes, “A good option is to freeze your membership for only $5/month for those of you who had trouble canceling.

Don’t worry – CancelWizard can help you cancel your gym contract. Don’t let Future Fitness get the best of you, and your bank account. Start by hitting the “Use Our Cancellation Service” now! 

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If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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Cancelwizard On September, 2nd 2011
Thanks for the comment, Pam. Some people are too busy to cancel their online accounts and memberships. Others simply would like some extra help. That's where we come in. We help many people cancel their accounts and memberships. Need help? Let us know!
Pam On September, 2nd 2011
Read your contract and stop your crying. REMEMBER you signed it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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