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Cancel Metro Fitness

Metro Fitness is a fitness chain in central Ohio with around 10 locations. They offer more than 75 free classes weekly including Silver Sneakers, Boot Camp, Zumba, Abdominal/Core Classes, Strength/Sculpting Classes, as well as spinning. Personal training sessions are also available to members either one-on-one, or in our popular group format.

Like many fitness chains, Metro Fitness offers a free trial period. Though it’s great for testing out a gym, sometimes individuals find themselves roped into a longer contract than they anticipated.

Remember the days when canceling your gym membership was easy? We don’t either. Whether you were roped into a contract that you weren’t expecting or you simply don’t use your Metro Fitness membership enough, now might be the time to cancel.

What You’ll Need

  • Account information
  • Payment information
  • Membership contract

Steps to Cancel

  1. Find your membership contract you originally signed when you began your membership with Metro Fitness.
  2. Read through the terms of your membership agreement, and note the day you originally signed up for the membership. 
  3. Go to Metro Fitness location that you originally signed up for with your membership contract in hand. 
  4. Ask to speak to a membership representative of a manager. Tell them that you would like to cancel your membership and ask for steps to do so.
  5. They may give you additional documents to sign. Read through them so you understand the terms of cancellation. This may include any additional fees you may see upon canceling.
  6. Ask to pay your remaining bill in full and figure out the last day you are able to use your membership.
  7. Keep a signed version of your cancellation forms, if applicable.
  8. If you are still having issues, Metro Fitness’ contact us page offers each location’s phone number. Ask to speak to a membership representative and demand a cancellation. 

CancelWizard strongly believes that opting out of gym memberships should be painless and easy. If you want to cancel your Metro Fitness gym membership, let us help you make it simpler.

Company Information

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E-mail: membership@metrofitness.com
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If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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