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Cancel Active Advantage

Active Advantage is a membership-based service where you receive discounts on fitness-related activities, sports gear, and travel. Your membership gives you access to exclusive deals you can only find on Active Advantage. Avid marathoners, triathletes, and sports enthusiasts enjoy this membership because you get discounts on race registration, training plans, running shoes, apparel, and even hotel accommodations.

According to this Complaints Board post, some people unknowingly automatically enroll in a paid Active Advantage membership. The trial membership is started through the Active Advantage website or when registering online for an activity/event/campsite through the Active Network. At the end of the 30-day trial Active automatically bills your card for the annual membership.

If you’ve found yourself accidentally signed up for Active Advantage and want to cancel, here’s what you’ll need and how to cancel:

What You’ll Need

  • Active Advantage account information (Including your Active.com login and password)
  • Personal information
  • Date you became an Active Advantage member
  • Billing information associated with your Active Advantage account

Steps to Cancel

  1. Contact Active Advantage membership customer support. You can email them at ACTIVEadvantage@ACTIVE.com or call their Customer Support team at 866-561-0647 (between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm PT).
  2. State your name, personal information, and date you originally signed on the dotted line to become an Active Advantage member. This can be the date that you signed your free trial membership or the date your premium membership went into effect. 
  3. State your desire to cancel your membership. Thanks to Active Advantage’s Member Satisfaction Pledge, you can cancel your membership at any time and they will give you a pro-rated refund for the unused months. 

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of canceling this membership? Let the experts at Cancel Wizard cancel for you now.

Company Information

Phone: 866-561-0647
Alternate Phone: 469-291-0300
E-mail: support@active.com
Address: 717 North Harwood Street
Alternate Address: Suite 2500
City: Dallas
State: TX
Zip: 75201

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

Your Comments

Cancelwizard On September, 13th 2011
Janet - Are you speaking about Active Advantage? If you'd like help canceling your Active Advantage membership, please let us know. Otherwise, please fill out the contact form to have a cancellation expert get in touch with you. Thanks! http://cancelwizard.com/contact/index.html
Janet On September, 9th 2011
This is ridiculous! I never authorized this charge & now I have been on hold for 10 minutes in trying to cancel this charge. This is an unworthy scheme!
Cancelwizard On August, 24th 2011
Hi Dale - It's important to understand that CancelWizard is not affiliated with Active Advantage. While we can't get you your money back, we can cancel your Active Advantage membership for you. Still interested? Push the big red button and let's get started!
Dale prosperie On August, 16th 2011
I want to cancel active advantage immediately. I did not authorize this transaction in the first place. I expect my credit card to be credited asap. Dale Prosperie
Cancelwizard On September, 23rd 2010
James, To cancel your Active Advantage account with CancelWizard's help, you must first fill out the cancellation form to the right of this article. Thanks!
James f. savage On September, 9th 2010
I wish to opt out of my trial period. I do not wish to be a member.

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