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Telstra Media, formerly BigPond, is an Australian Internet service provider. Based in Melborne, the BigPond brand is in the process of being discontinued. Telstra Media (Big Pond) offers internet service through cable, DSL, mobile broadband, satellite, and dialup.

It’s possible that BigPond was renamed to Telstra Media because of its bad name. The following information was pulled from Wikipedia:

In 2007 a survey of 14,000 people by PC Authority magazine found BigPond users rated poorly for customer service, and less than a third considered their service value for money.


If you want to cancel your Testra service, read on to uncover what you will need and steps to cancel.

What You’ll Need:


  • Internet equipment
  • Access to a phone 

Steps to Cancel

If you bought your kit from a BigPond retailer and you have activated your account and started using the service follow these steps:

  1. Contact BigPond on 133 933.
  2. Say “Cancel BigPond Mobile Broadband”.
  3. Connect with a representative.
  4. Once you’ve reached a representative, state your desire to cancel your account.
  5. Follow instructions to cancel your account.
  6. Reconcile the credit on your account, if applicable.
  7. Request documentation of your cancellation.
  8. Follow the steps given by the representative to return your Internet equipment.

Expert Tip:


  • If you cancel before the terms of your membership, you might pay a whopping $360.

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