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Club Fitness is a Missouri- and Illinois-based fitness franchise offering high-tech cardiovascular and weight equipment. Like many fitness franchises, canceling can be a hassle. This is no different at Club Fitness. If you haven't checked out their website, you should. It gives straight forward information on how to cancel.

If you are looking to cancel your Club Fitness account, read on...

What You’ll Need:

  • Access to a computer
  • Personal and membership information

Steps to Cancel: 

  1. Go in person or send a letter. 
  2. Fill out the cancel request letter with your personal and account information, making sure it’s legible. 
  3. Print the completed letter and sign 
  4. Go to the U.S. Post Office. 
  5. Send the letter via certified mail to: Club Fitness 7055 Mexico Rd., Suite 1210, St. Peters, MO 63376.

You could also just go in person to cancel. Make sure you go during their cancellation hours.

Expert Tips: 

  • You must provide 30-days notice. 
  • Be prepared to pay cancellation fees. Club Fitness claims that unless you cancel within the confines of its contract terms, you will be subject to cancellation fees. 
  • While Club Fitness claims you can cancel your membership via their online form, this Rip Off Report on Club Fitness states that you MUST mail a certified letter. If that is the case, it would be an individual club policy as most Club Fitness do allow cancelation via walk-in. If you are sending a letter, be sure to include name, DOB, agreement number, current address, and all members you wish to cancel. 

If you wish to cancel your Club Fitness membership CancelWizard recommends you let us cancel it for you today! 


Company Information

Phone: 866-551-CLUB
Alternate Phone: 866-551-2582
E-mail: corporate@clubfitness.us
Address: 3701 North St Peters Pkwy Suite A
Alternate Address: -
City: St Peters
State: MO
Zip: 63376

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

How-to Cancel Instructions for Club Fitness

Your Comments

Mark st. cin On March, 23rd 2013
I cancelled my membership 2-2-13 and i would like to reinstate it. thank you
Mark, You have contacted CancelWizard, we are in no way associated with Club Fitness. If you would like to re instate your membership you will need to contact your Club Fitness directly.
Cancelwizard On October, 15th 2012
Sangharsh, If you signed a contract agreeing to pay an early cancellation penalty, we make every effort to get fees waived on your behalf when we process the cancellation. It is up to the gym whether or not they will do so. Many times it is worth the small fee to get out of a long term contract.
Sangharsh On September, 21st 2012
Hi, my case is similar to Pat below, that they are asking additional $59 for cancelling my membership. Can you help me with that. Apparently the application form I signed while joining had a clause of 12 months completion.
Pat collins On March, 1st 2012
I canceled our membership (unaware there was a contract) Thought this was their advertising slogan, no contracts...the reason for the cancellation is that our insurance reimbursed $20 per month for gym member shipment and Club Fitness is not approved for this. we moved on to Golds Gym. I went on the website, canceled the membership and got an e-mail stating each of us will be debited $59 each for early cancelleation.
Cancelwizard On September, 28th 2011
Hi Derrick - Sounds like you could use CancelWizard's help. If you'd like us to cancel your Club Fitness account simply push the big, red button. Thanks!
Derek saylor On September, 23rd 2011
1i am no longer working in illinois so therefore i need to cancel my membership also i recieved another bill i not responsible for because ive been gone two months i told them i was leaving and cancelling the bill is 19.95
Cancelwizard On July, 28th 2011
CT - Thanks for your comment. CancelWizard doesn't pretend to be affiliated with Club Fitness. Rather, we are a third-party company dedicated to making the cancellation process quick and easy. Thanks!
Ct On July, 25th 2011
Do not use this site to cancel your Club Fitness account. They are not affiliated with Club Fitness, Club Fitness does not charge a fee!
Cancelwizard On June, 6th 2011
If you would like CancelWizard to help cancel your Club Fitness account you must fill out the form to the right of this article OR click on the "Cancellation Service" link directly above this comment. Thanks!
Beverly bucchirie On June, 2nd 2011
I want to cancel member ship money promble and health preambles

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