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Cancel Cox Account

Cox is an Internet Service Provider located in the United States. They offer home internet plans that range from $34.99 to $79.99 per month. Cox also provides digital video, cable, and telephone services over its own nationwide IP network. Cox serves approximately 6 million residences and businesses.

Cox receives an earful on Internet forums and posts from customers fed up with the company and their lack of customer service -- especially citing difficulty canceling. This post from My3Cents.com has an angry customer spouting off about the headaches endured when they attempted to cancel their Cox account. According to the post, the customer service representative refused to cancel their Internet service! Here is a post from a customer who requested cancellation and was told, "’if you want to cancel, go to the cox office and return the equipment...is there anything else…’" It is no wonder people are switching their Internet Service Providers from Cox to another more customer friendly company. Another post on PissedConsumer.com makes it clear that canceling your internet service is not as easy as you would think.

If you’re looking to cancel your Cox Internet service here are the steps to do so...

What You’ll Need:

  • ISP equipment
  • Personal information
  • Product numbers 
  • Access to a phone and/or computer
  • Cox account login information 

Steps to Cancel:

When you decide to cancel Cox, please read the following carefully to avoid being charged for things you shouldn't be charged for.

  1. Log on to your Cox account.
  2. Download and print (PDF or hard copy) a handful of the previous Cox bills of ISP service.
  3. Call the Cox customer service line, then follow the telephone prompts to connect with a representative. 1-800-234-3993
  4. Explain your desire to cancel your COX ISP account after giving the representative your account and personal information. 
  5. Ask the representative if you are able to return the equipment to one of the local stores, in person, with a witness.
  6. Request to be emailed a ticket for written proof that you’ve taken the steps you need to cancel your Cox account. 
  7. Ask the representative if there are any outstanding charges left on your account. This includes your monthly fees and/or cancellation or equipment return fees. 
  8. Take clear photographs of the equipment you are returning prior to your visit. Write down every number and word on that equipment prior to your visit. 
  9. Take the equipment into a Cox location. Obtain a receipt for every piece of equipment you return.

For additional questions contact Cox Services.

Avoid rude customer service, and save your energy for more important things. Let CancelWizard cancel your Cox account for you now!

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If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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