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Cancel Lego Magazine

LEGO Magazine is a popular children's magazine offered free to parents for the first two years. However, after the initial two years of service, you may be susceptible to automatic renewal subscriptions that will charge your bank account and keep your subscription running! If this sounds like something you don't want, know that this happens frequently with magazine subscriptions. That's why it is so important to read all the fine print before you sign up for anything online, and before you complete an online transaction.

If you've signed up for LEGO Magazine, and need to cancel you will need to contact customer service. Follow the steps to cancel LEGO Magazine on your own. If you want experts to handle the request, skim down the page to the red button now.

What You’ll Need:

  • Personal information
  • Access to a telephone and computer
  • A stamp (*If mailing your cancellation request)

Steps to Cancel:

  1. If you’re looking to cancel your child’s LEGO subscription online, do so by navigating to this website.
  2. Select the country from which you are inquiring from. From there, LEGO will provide you with the correct contact information so you can speak directly with a customer service representative. 
  3. You have two options when it comes to canceling your LEGO subscription: You may do it by mail or over the phone. 
  4. To contact the customer service team at LEGO via telephone. For U.S. inquiries, call 1-800-453-4652. 
  5. To mail a letter to: 555 Taylor Road P.O. Box 1138 Enfield, CT 06083. 
  6. Always include your contact information (name, address, and account information) in any correspondence you have with the customer service representatives at LEGO Magazine. 

Expert Tip

  • It's advisable to keep records of your communication in case your cancellation is not processed. Ask for a confirmation receipt to retain a hard copy of your cancellation.

If you’ve tried canceling your child’s LEGO Magazine subscription and have had a hard time, let Cancel Wizard pick up where you’ve left off. Simply click the red button below to get started. In a few simple steps you will be subscription free.

Company Information

Phone: 1-800-835-4386
Alternate Phone: -
E-mail: -
Address: LEGO Systems, Inc.
Alternate Address: 555 Taylor Road, P.O. Box 1138
City: Enfield
State: CT
Zip: 06083

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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