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Cancel Limewire Account

In the age of digital media, LimeWire is an effective tool for downloading and listening to music from your computer. By signing up for a monthly subscription, users are able to download and enjoy an extensive library of tunes ranging in all genres of music. LimeWire offers a free trial of their music services, so customers can "try before they buy." However, as explained in LimeWire's Terms of Use, any user that does not cancel their LimeWire account before their free trial is through will be automatically signed up for the paid LimeWire subscription. In other words, be sure to cancel your LimeWire free trial before it ends or you will be enrolled in their paid membership. 

On LimeWire.com it clearly states that in order to cancel your LimeWire membership, you simply need to downgrade your payment status. If you pay a monthly LimeWire bill, just downgrade your status to "Pay As You Go," and still have the option of using LimeWire, but only on a download to download basis. You will not receive any bills from LimeWire until you download additional music. 

Because there is not an abundance of information about LimeWire's cancellation policies, and they do automatically enroll you if you fail to cancel your free trial, CancelWizard has given LimeWire a "difficult" rating. If you have any experiences canceling your LimeWire account, please share them in the comment section below. 

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If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

Your Comments

Cancelwizard On February, 29th 2012
Have you tried downgrading your payment status to "Pay As you Go" via the Limewire website? I'd try that first....
Andrew simms On February, 26th 2012
i have limewire but i dont use it, it sucks & i wish to cancel but i hate pay for something i dont use cause its not worth the money all song file are bad and the download doent work instantly..
Cancelwizard On December, 28th 2011
Hi Carol - I suggest contacting Limewire directly for that question. You can call them 212-219-6050 - press "0" to speak to a representative. Thanks!
Carol cruz On December, 22nd 2011
i already had limewire but my activated number didnt go throw so i want to cancell my order that i put in today
Cancelwizard On September, 13th 2011
Marcus - Did Limewire charge you twice in the same billing period?
Marcus morrow On September, 13th 2011
ive been charged twice for the same account
Cancelwizard On April, 13th 2011
Logan - If you'd like CancelWizard to help cancel your Limewire account you must either fill out the form to the right of this article or click on the "Cancellation Service" link directly above this comment. Let us know if you have questions. Thanks!
Logan heck On April, 11th 2011
i accidentally ordered limewire twice, yesterday, and want to cancel all accounts. limewire said they wouldnt charge me until after free trial and have already taken 60 dollars out. i want my refund!
Cancelwizard On January, 19th 2011
Robert - Do you need help canceling your LimeWire account?
Robert robinson On January, 15th 2011
please cancel my accout now because i feel like i have been decieved plus if you chck my credit card it does not have what you have charged to it. your website stated it was free. i have notified my baking institution of this problem plus my account will be closed as of monday. Thank You!

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