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Cancel Massage Envy

Even massage parlors and specialists are asking for memberships, contracts and monthly fees. While a membership ensures business and may protect the business owner, contracts often leave the consumer high and dry, without the ability to cancel their account.

Massage Envy is a popular chain of massage parlors all over the United States. Massage Envy requires monthly memberships and fees to “unlock the true benefits of an ongoing massage therapy program." But, as you can see from this post, the results are anything but relaxing. After major surgery, this Massage Envy customer was harassed for their monthly payments!

Yelp.com allows people to offer praise or critique of local businesses and national chains. According to this Massage Envy member in California, after they wanted to cancel their Massage Envy membership, they were not able to get a manager on the phone! It’s safe to say if the customer wanted to upgrade their package, the story may have ended a little differently. 

Aggressive sales tactics and binding contracts negatively impact the consumer everyday. Take back control and let CancelWizard cancel your Massage Envy membership for you.

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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Cancelwizard On August, 9th 2010
Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience canceling Massage Envy. We are sorry for your frustration and hope to help in any way! Thanks for writing!
Junkjilani On August, 8th 2010
Massage Envy - Business Mal practice Please stay away from these frauds. They lure you into their contracts with false information saying. It will cost you $78 without contract but $39 with contract. What they don't tell you is you have to pay monthly membership charge of $20 which makes it $59 not $39. By the time you know this you must have signed the contract. When you ask them about it any additional massages in the month will cost you $39(nice). Hassles to get out of the contract: Get a doc certificate to get out the contract. What kind of sane person will sign the contract if he knows that he has to get a doc certificate to get out of the contract. But they withheld this information to get you sign the contract. The second is move away 25 miles from you current address ( wow so I have to move away to get out of your contract). When I insisted that I do not like their service and to get me out of their contract they said to get it from other towns. This is real hypocrisy they say they take you out of their contracts when you move away 25 miles but they want you to go other towns to get service in case you don't like service in this town - Great. Final touch - Their contracts are auto renewed. Incase you are not careful - you are stuck for another cycle. Please raise your voice against them.

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