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Cancel National Geographic

National Geographic has been enthralling readers for years. Their current events coverage, as well as discoveries from cultures past, captured in brilliant photos and captivating articles have readers of all ages entertained.

National Geographic is a beloved magazine, but also on the upper end of the subscription cost spectrum. Plus, you may not have even realized it, but you may have unwillingly signed on for an auto-renewal membership. If you do nothing, your credit card will automatically be charged for another subscription year at the renewal rate then in effect. 

You don’t want to put yourself in this position, but if you already have here’s how to cancel National Geographic.

What You’ll Need:

  • Personal information
  • Account information
  • Terms of your subscription
  • Sign-on date

Steps to Cancel:

  1. You may cancel by calling 1-800-NGS-LINE (1-800-647-5463) or by sending an email to ngsline@customersvc.com at any time during your subscription. If you'd like to send an online form, go here.
  2. State your personal information including name, address, terms of your subscription, account number, and date you originally signed up for your National Geographic membership. 
  3. Then state your desire to cancel. 
  4. You will receive a refund for the undelivered portion of your subscription.
  5. If your credit card account cannot be charged, National Geographic will bill you directly instead.

For subscriptions purchased through Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Zinio you will need to contact the third party directly for customer support.

If you still have questions, let us know in the comment section below. Better yet: If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of canceling, let the experts at Cancel Wizard do it for you!

Company Information

Phone: 1-800-647-5463
Alternate Phone: 1-800-274-7300
E-mail: ngsline@customersvc.com.
Address: -
Alternate Address: -
City: -
State: -
Zip: -

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

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