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The name Lifetime Fitness is certainly not meant to be humorous. But with their terrible policies regarding contract cancellations we can’t help but see the irony. Take a look at this upset Lifetime Fitness member. After 8 years of loyalty to Lifetime Fitness, he/she was simply unable to cancel their membership without incurring unnecessary fees. The woman explains that she spoke with a representative from Lifetime Fitness who even admitted that using a “30-Day cancellation policy” is one of the ways the company retains profit!

This post on ComplaintsBoard.com not only shows an angry Lifetime Fitness member trying to cancel their membership, but the bottom of the image shows a host of additional complaints against Lifetime Fitness for the same reasons.

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If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we also provide a cancellation service:

How-to Cancel Instructions for Lifetime Fitness

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Jdubs On July, 7th 2011
Lady, they retain it for 1 month...they do not charge you cancellation fees like Bally's does. Get a grip. If you were that close to the brink of "needing" the money you give Lifetime then you shouldn't have been a member in the first place. Perhaps you are to blame for not properly budgeting in your life!
Cancelwizard On August, 9th 2010
Beth, Thanks for the tips! And thanks for visiting CancelWizard!
Beth On July, 13th 2010
Lifetime cancels memberships if you complain to much, makes them look bad. Also, if you swear at a manager (GM) they will cancel your membership. SO, if you really want to get out of that place without pay for another month, then just tell the GM to F*** OFF! Lifetime sucks, xsport or LA is much better.

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